MFPRSI. Municipal Fire & Police Retirement System of Iowa

Member in Good Standing

The definition for a "member in good standing" according to Iowa Code Chapter 411.1(14):

“Member in good standing” means any member in service who has not been terminated by the employing city of the member pursuant to section 400.18 or 400.19. Termination procedures initiated by the chief of police or chief of the fire department pursuant to section 400.19 shall not become final or adversely impact a member's status as a member in good standing until all appeals provided by an applicable collective bargaining agreement or by law have been exhausted.  Disciplinary action other than discharge shall not adversely affect a member's status as a member in good standing." 

Pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 411.6(16)(d):

"A person otherwise eligible to receive an ordinary or accidental disability retirement benefit under this chapter shall not be eligible to receive such a benefit if the person is subsequently removed, discharged, demoted, or suspended pursuant to section 400.18 or 400.19, or other comparable process. Upon determination of ineligibility pursuant to this paragraph, the person's entitlement to a disability benefit under this chapter shall terminate and any disability retirement allowance received by such a person must be returned to the system together with interest earned on the disability retirement allowance calculated at a rate determined by the system. However, the determination of ineligibility as provided under this paragraph may be waived for good cause as determined by the board. The burden of establishing good cause is on the person who received the disability retirement allowance."