MFPRSI. Municipal Fire & Police Retirement System of Iowa


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As required by S.F. 361, Chapter 39, Public Funds Deposits and Investments, which is an act of the Iowa General Assembly passed in 2007, MFPRSI is required to make the list of scrutinized companies in which it has invested available to the public (S.F. 361, Sec. 5 12A.5 Reports).  The link below displays those companies who provide power production-related services, mineral extraction activities, oil-related activities, or miliatary equipment to the government in Sudan.


In addition to the Sudan divestment requirement MFPRSI is prohibited from holding direct investments in certain companies with business operations in Iran as enacted by the passage of H.F. 484 by the Iowa General Assemply in April, 2011. MPFRSI is required to maintain a list of scrutinized companies with oil or military business in Iran and to divest its portfolio from investments in companies that have active operations within Iran. The link below displays companies eligible for the scrutinized list who have oil or military business operations within Iran.

Anti-Israel Boycott

In 2017, the Iowa General Assembly passed House File 2331 which is intended to counter a worldwide political movement calling for a boycott of goods produced in Israel and Israel-related companies. The legislation blocks state funds, including public employee retirement funds, from investing and entering into contractual obligations with companies that refuse to engage in commerce with Israel, persons doing business in Israel, and territories controlled by Israel. The link below lists companies eligible for this exclusion who are boycotting the nation of Israel.

Companies that are Owned or Controlled by the Chinese Military or Government

In 2023, the Iowa General Assembly passed Senate File 418 prohibiting certain public funds, MFPRSI included, from investing in companies that are owned or controlled by the Chinese military or government services. MFPRSI will provide the list of scrutinized companies at a later date.

  • Companies Owned or Controlled by the Chinese military or Government Scrutinized Companies List (to be provided)